1- Background


Set up in 1926 in Paris (11th arrondissement) and then established in 1939 in Loir- et-Cher (41) in the centre of France, S.A.S. Ets THYREAU has for sole activity the manufacturing of springs of all types.

Thanks to its favourable location (Centre Region, less than 200 km from Paris), it can employ a stable workforce which gradually became highly qualified. Through a unique and flexible structure and steady emphasis on improving conventional manufacturing processes adapted to the size of the firme (30 persons), it enjoys the highest level of competitiveness for short order and medium production runs.

Its specialization in small and medium production runs explains its large, diversified and faithful clientele including both large and small firms.

S.A.S. Ets THYREAU is manufacturing small and medium quantities of springs from varied materials, grades and sections.